Introducing the NuCalm Mastermind Project. This new and exciting program we are launching will give you the exclusive opportunity to work with us and get front line access to NuCalm’s team and leading scientists. This immersive program will require your time and effort, in exchange for a deep discount. By participating in this program, you will save $2,700* on the complete NuCalm Performance Package in exchange for completing the following actions over a 90-day period:

  • Regular NuCalm use
  • Submit 10 pre- and 10 post-NuCalm recordings on a third-party voice recognition app (measures stress through voice recognition)
    • Each recording takes 1-2 minute to complete
    • All 60 recordings must be completed within the first 90 days
  • Complete weekly online surveys about your stress, sleep, the NuCalm experience, etc.

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Since 2010, the NuCalm technology has evolved, the user group has expanded, and the impact has remained true. Our mission is to improve the human experience and change the world’s negative energy to positive. So, we are partnering with an intimate group of people who represent the world population and can help us understand consumer behavior related to self-care, the negative impact of stress and poor sleep, and how NuCalm can improve your life.

We need more feedback, more data, and more of your help to develop a neuroscience platform that is accessible to everyone. Everyone deserves the benefit of a good night’s sleep, a powerful recovery session, and a world-class stress management tool in the palm of their hands with NuCalm.