The Modern Adolescent

Let’s face it, being a teenager isn’t as easy as it used to be… With sexual harassment, gun violence, political unrest, and climate change being at the forefront of the media, the world’s youngest generations are showing and reporting the highest levels of stress and worst mental health issues. A 2018 survey conducted by the American Psychological Association confirmed that Gen Z and Millennials have the highest levels of reported stress of all Americans. What makes matters worse is that these teens and young adults do not know how to cope with their negative emotions. Nearly three-quarters of this population feel they could’ve used more emotional support in the last year. Self-harm, substance abuse, and social media are more often than not the outlets that teens turn to. Whether it’s because they aren’t taught healthy coping mechanisms or they aren’t encouraged enough to engage in them, teens and young adults are struggling silently behind their Instagram accounts or their do-all, be-all façades with few understanding their true feelings. It is imperative to tackle stress among the younger generation before it snowballs out of control. NuCalm can be used (and really should be used) by kids and teens ages 5 and up. NuCalm can be a healthy escape, a quick recharge, and a potential solution to this crisis of stress in younger generations.

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Battling Teen Anxiety With NuCalm

NuCalm can safely be used by ages 5+

Manage Anxiety

These days over 20% of children and adolescents suffer from symptoms of anxiety. NuCalm is an all-natural, drug-free alternative that is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety.The neurotechnology guides the body out of a stressed, fight-or-flight state into a restful and calm one. NuCalm tackles acute anxiety and stress at a physiological level by interrupting adrenaline, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and slowing brainwaves down into the theta range on the verge of sleep. When the body’s stress response and defense system are disabled, then adolescents may be more inclined to engage in and respond to behavioral or talk therapy, and turn to healthy stress management tools and techniques.

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Decrease Depression

Depression is the second most common mental health diagnosis among adolescents after anxiety. Depression is the leading cause of disability for people over 5 years of age in the US. Environmental stress is one of the leading risk factors for depression. Stressful or traumatic events or exposures in one’s life can predispose someone to depression. However, greater resiliency at a physiological level can decrease one’s likelihood of developing depression. Resiliency cannot occur without balance within the autonomic nervous system and neuroendocrine system. NuCalm can build resiliency because it allows these systems to reset and restore. NuCalm also brings the body to a state where hormone levels replenish, blood flow increases to the frontal cortex of the brain, and emotions are stabilized. Clinical research has shown that NuCalm can help reduce symptoms of depression.

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Improve Focus & Concentration

School structure, overcrowding, poor sleep, stress, and pressure all contribute to children’s and adolescents’ lack of focus, attention, and concentration. Nearly 10% of American children ages 4-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD (attention-deficit-hyperactive disorder) and this is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder in young children. Those with ADHD are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, or a substance use disorder. The causes and pathology of ADHD are not well understood but may be associated with decreased dopamine levels and structural differences in areas of the brain associated with speech, self-control and decision making. NuCalm brings the body into a restorative state where hormone levels are replenished and increased oxygenated blood flow goes to the brain. After a NuCalm session, users often feel a greater sense of clarity and focus. Students getting distracted may benefit tremendously from a brief NuCalm session when they are getting too hyperactive or distracted.

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Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep is incredibly important for the developing mind as brain cells and connections are being pruned and restructured. The adolescent biological clock and circadian rhythms are actually different from a child’s or an adult’s – their biology pushes them to stay up later and sleep in longer. However, due to the way a school day is structured and common sleep inhibitors, like technology and busy schedules, most teens struggle with significant sleep issues. Lack of sleep or poor sleep affects immune health, cognitive performance, mood, and behavior. Rather than being “tired-but-wired” on coffee or energy drinks, NuCalm allows for the body to replenish natural energy stores. Harvard researchers suggested that 20-45 min of NuCalm can give the body the benefits of 2-5 hours of sleep. Not only does this help overcome daytime fatigue, but it resets hormonal levels and helps synchronize circadian rhythms to help the body optimize its sleep cycle. NuCalming before bed also helps guide the body to a relaxed and restful state without auditory or visual distractions which will help teens go to sleep and stay asleep.

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