2 Minutes a Day, Twice a Day for Peak Performance with Brother Craig Marshall

Hosted By: David Poole

  • Brother Craig Marshall

At the end of your journey — when you ask yourself if your life had meaning — what do you believe the answer will be? Brother Craig Marshall joins the show to speak on the power of meditation and mindfulness to help you find the lifestyle you seek. Tune in for an incredibly insightful conversation with a man who spent 35 years as a yoga monk, and the one-man David Poole calls his pocket Yoda. Get ready to take notes, but most of all, enjoy! “The way we do anything is the way we do everything. Wherever we go, we’re taking our little mindset with us, right? So meditation to me is an opportunity to reboot my consciousness, to go back to my core and really start coming from the deepest place inside myself.” — Brother Craig Marshall

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