Not Good Enough is Just the Starting Point with Bob Reitz

Hosted By: David Poole

  • Bob Reitz - Former Navy SEAL

Today’s guest on This Is NuCalm has not only served for our country but is also an avid user of NuCalm. Retired Navy SEAL, Bob Reitz joins David Poole in an inspiring and heartfelt discussion of the trials and tribulations behind SEAL training and the truth about dealing with PTSD. “You may be able to hold your breath for five minutes, but they want to know how you manage and how you act at five minutes and one second. Do you panic? Do you compete? Do you keep your composure? Do you stay underwater and relax even though you’re a quiet storm inside? All those things matter.” — Bob Reitz Tune in to hear Reitz’s personal experience of returning to civilian life and how he has made it his mission to help fellow veterans manage their PTSD.

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