You Don’t Have to Be the Best, Just Do The Best You Can with “Air Force Ken” Corigliano

Hosted By: David Poole

  • Ken Corigliano - U.S. Air Force Lieutenant

“Air Force Ken” Corigliano joins This Is NuCalm today to share his incredible journey from a terrible brain-damaging accident to qualifying for the Olympics, becoming a Major in the Air Force, and, oh, did we mention he served in Iraq and won a medal for heroism? You really don’t want to miss this talk about how to set goals, achieve them, and overcome incredible odds in your journey towards optimal performance. “I believe that athletics is a fantastic way and training and working out is a great way to systematically and precisely exercise the stress response in a controlled format for a beneficial outcome versus a destructive outcome or an uncontrolled outcome.” — Ken Corigliano

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