2016 turned out to be a spectacular year for NuCalm. 

We’ve chosen the Top 10 NuCalm Milestones from the past year and wish you and yours the very best in 2017!

  1. Completed the research, development, and patent process for the world’s most sophisticated biophysics and neuroacoustic software – engineered inside the new NuCalm soundtracks
  2. Launched NuCalm 2.0, a quantum leap for the listening experience and a platform to release, new, patent-pending NuCalm neuroacoustic software
  3. Launched the first NEW NuCalm tracks, entitled NuCalm Relax – a masterful collaboration between Dr. Holloway’s physics invention and Dan Selene’s music & soundtrack producing using the Solfeggio scale
  4. Dr. Michael Galitzer and Larry Trivieri completed their book about NuCalm, entitled, “A New Calm,” which will be available in paperback and Kindle versions in mid January
  5. NuCalm was approved by the (NSF) National Sports Foundation, Certified for Sport, certified to: NSF/ANSI Standard 306. The NuCalm amino acids have been tested, validated, and proven to be safe for all athletes and do not contain any PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs)
  6. NuCalm was awarded a “Top 50 Most Innovative Products” by Innovation & Tech Today, an industry leading quarterly newsstand technology publication
  7. NuCalm earned an unprecedented 5.0 rating by Dental Product Shopper, the industry’s premier peer-to-peer product journal. In Dental Product Shopper’s 10-year history they have evaluated 3,154 products and only one other product earned a perfect 5.0, which was a dental GPS app in 2011. NuCalm continues to help dentists solve the pivotal problem of patient fear, stress, and anxiety with the world’s only patented technology clinically proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs
  8. Over 700,000 dental patients have experienced a drug free, relaxing NuCalm appointment across 5 continents with exceptional satisfaction rates: 95% of patients that have used NuCalm state they would use it again and 98% of patients state they would recommend it to their friends and family
  9. Launched the Certified NuCalm Provider program – a comprehensive marketing and branding program designed to help NuCalm dentists differentiate and grow their practices
  10. Hosted the NuCalm Recovery Lounge with great success at locations around the world, including the World Football Forum in Paris; the Sports Illustrated / Variety Annual Sports and Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles; the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia; the Variety Studios – Toronto Film Festival; the Bulletproof Bio-Hacking Conference in Pasadena; Viacom’s corporate headquarters in Times Square, NY; the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in NY; Tony Robbins’ PLATS Partnership meeting in Jaipur, India; the Pathfinders Resettlement Awards (UK Military acclimating back into civilian life) in Manchester, England; and the “NuCalm European CEO of the Year Award” at the FC Business Football awards in London, England [spacer height=”30px”]