One of the challenges of training is that if you want to improve your performance, you have to push yourself hard, approaching your limit. However, after that kind of stressful workout, your body needs time to recover and consolidate the gains. When your body is recovering, you’re not training, which limits your ability to make new gains.

To maximize your gains, you need to find an optimal balance between training sessions and rest. Train too hard and you’re likely to injure yourself. But rest too much, and you slow your pace of recovery. So how do you optimize the balance. One tool to optimize the balance is the OmegaWave, which helps people determine their best training windows. Using this technology shows us that NuCalm allows us to maximize our training windows.

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Unprecedented Trainability

Dr. David Walters is not just a NuCalm provider in Pueblo, he’s a NuCalm user, although he started as a NuCalm skeptic. However, as he came across positive references to NuCalm in the literature he was reading, so he decided to give it a try.

When he did, he found that he immediately felt better. After a couple weeks, Dr. Walters noticed that he was needing less and less sleep each night to wake up refreshed and ready to train.

But he didn’t just trust his own sense of his ability. He is a data-driven thinker, so he wanted to see what objective data would say about his ability. For this, he turned to his OmegaWave. OmegaWave measures both the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Using this data, the OmegaWave can give a person their current level of trainability. This tells you when your body is ready to work and when it needs to rest.

What he found with NuCalm was that he was recovering faster and more completely with NuCalm than he had been during the previous four or five months, even though now he was getting less sleep.

To test the limits of NuCalm’s enhanced recovery, Dr. Walters decided to change his workout routine. Over the previous months, he had been doing three to four workouts followed by one day of rest to fully recover. But with NuCalm, he found that he could go two weeks working out without ever needing to rest. That’s thanks to the way that NuCalm helped reset his body’s systems, make him more ready to train than he had been.

Are You Ready to Train More?

Do you think you’re training efficiently? You may be, but it’s possible that you’ll be able to train more. Get more workouts in with less need for recovery in between, thanks to NuCalm. Recovery doesn’t depend on more sleep or more rest, it depends on better sleep, better rest, and faster recovery. And that’s what NuCalm delivers.

If you want to learn how NuCalm can help you, please contact a local NuCalm provider today.