It’s no secret that many people feel a lower mood in January. After the holidays people inevitably feel some letdown. Add to that the stress they might have put on their body through the heavy partying, plus the stress of returning to work and having to deal with the bills from excessive celebration. 

In fact, based on all these and other factors, people in marketing came up with the idea that the most depressing day of the year happens in January. They dubbed it “Blue Monday,” and it’s coming up soon: January 20. 

Energentic female celebrating a great mood with NuCalm

How Do They Determine Blue Monday?

As we noted before, the concept of “Blue Monday” is something of a marketing gimmick. It’s a pseudoscientific idea, but, as with all “successful” pseudoscience, there is a certain logic to it. The concept comes from the Sky Travel Channel, which declared in 2005 that it had determined the date mathematically. Although the Sky Travel Channel shut down in 2010, the concept of Blue Monday continues to be promoted. 

There are several different formulas used to calculate the date. The most common one–that used in the 2005 press release–takes into account the weather, a person’s debt compared to their salary, the time since Christmas and the time since failing New Year’s resolutions, compared to motivation levels and a need to take action. 

Others factor in things like sleep, amount of time spent traveling, and the amount of time spent in stress. 

How NuCalm Can Help with Blue Monday

Although Blue Monday is often portrayed as the most depressing day of the year, the man credited with the initial idea says that was never his intention. In fact, he wanted to represent it as a day to make bold decisions in order to change your life. 

One way to help you do this and to improve your mood is to start using your NuCalm more consistently. 

NuCalm can help improve your mood and help you make bold decisions this January. 

First, NuCalm has documented measurable benefits for people with anxiety and depression. NuCalm is not approved as a treatment for clinical depression, but people with depression and anxiety were shown to have decreased sweating when they used NuCalm. They also experienced more harmonious brainwaves. 

NuCalm can also act as your 20-minute vacation. You might not be able to afford to travel right now, either because of the money or because of the time, but with NuCalm, you can enjoy a relaxing break from all your stresses. As your stress level goes down, your clarity will increase, helping you to make better decisions. 

Finally, NuCalm can help you improve your sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you enjoy a better mood overall. 

NuCalm Helps You Have a Better Day Every Day

If you are looking for a way to improve your life on a daily basis by reducing stress, improving your productivity, and getting better sleep, then NuCalm might be right for you. You can either try NuCalm at a local provider or you can order a system for yourself.