Most people imagine that retirement will be a relatively stress-free time. After all, work creates much of our stress, right? So retirement should make for reduced stress as we have more time to relax and decompress. However, that’s not strictly true. According to the Holmes-Rahe stress inventory, retirement is actually the 10th most stressful event in life

There are many reasons why retirement is so stressful. For some people, there are financial concerns. For many others, there are problems with losing their work identity. Other times, couples who used to spend most of the day apart now spend most of it together, leading to increased conflict. And there’s the simple issue that many people don’t know how to spend their days, leading to boredom. Plus, changes in our health and body rhythms can make it hard to enjoy the time. 

But there are ways to overcome the stresses of retirement to truly enjoy your golden years, and NuCalm can help. 

Happy retired couple dance in their living room

Forge a New Identity

Sure, work was an important part of who you were, but it was not the only part of your identity. The truth is that you probably suppressed other parts of your identity due to demands of work. Now it’s time to let those parts flourish and become your new identity. 

This is a process of discovery, and it might take time. Don’t try to force the issue: give yourself time to figure out the new you. 

Set Goals

One thing work always provides is benchmarks and milestones for achievement. Even if you don’t have quarterly or annual reviews, there are standards that you can easily measure yourself against. 

Without these benchmarks, it can be easy to feel like you’re drifting in retirement. It can also feel like your life is worthless because you aren’t achieving anything. So it’s important to make goals for yourself that you can achieve and continue feeling the sense of accomplishment that helps make life worthwhile. 

Create Structure

Another thing that work provides is a daily sense of structure because you have to get up at a certain time and report at a certain time, and all the other daily events. Not having this structure can contribute to a sense of aimlessness, even if you are working toward goals. 

So it’s a good idea to create some structure in your day. You don’t have to have a rigid schedule as you did when working, but a general sense of when you get up, what activities you do in the morning, and what you do in the afternoon can go a long way toward conquering retirement stress. 

Get Good Sleep

Another major problem that many people face in retirement is just that they have trouble sleeping. In fact more than half of seniors experience insomnia to some degree. This may be in part because of structureless days without goals that lead them to spend more time sleeping in the morning or dozing in the afternoon, which can make it hard to sleep at night. 

How NuCalm Can Help

NuCalm is a great tool to help you conquer retirement stress. First, NuCalm can help you disarm your body’s stress response so you are less likely to develop stress unnecessarily. It can also be something to build your schedule around. Setting up a time for NuCalm in your day gives you an event that can become the foundation of a new schedule. For example, exercising before NuCalm helps your body maximize its benefit from the regimen. And NuCalm increases creativity and receptiveness, so after NuCalm is a good time to read, write, paint, or engage in other creative activities. 

Perhaps most importantly, using NuCalm regularly both improves your sleep quality and improves your restfulness. With NuCalm you will find  you sleep better at night and are more rested during the day, making it easier to enjoy your days. Plus, NuCalm can counter some of the effects of aging, helping you to look and feel younger for longer. 

Retirement with NuCalm is a much more enjoyable prospect than retirement with stress. Thanks to NuCalm, stress is always a choice, and you can choose to avoid it.