Dr. David Walters

Case Study: Dr. David Walters, DO, PhD

Written by Larry Trivieri Jr.

One of NuCalm’s former skeptics, Dr. David Walters, DO, PhD has become one of the biggest advocates for using NuCalm® for better recovery, strength, sleep, and energy.

As a leading integrative physician trained in a wide range of cuttingedge healing modalities, Dr. Walters, is also a highly accomplished athlete who regularly competes in a variety of competitions. Oh, by the way, he’s in his sixties and experiencing the best health of his life.

In this case study, Dr. Walters weighs in about how he uses a third-party technology to prove NuCalm’s effectiveness for optimal sleep and recovery. He explains how he was able to gain an extra three waking hours each day, double his training regimen, and decrease his recovery time with NuCalm.

Is NuCalm Hype or Legit for Recovery?

Soon after NuCalm debuted it quickly began to attract the attention of world class athletes. Today, athletes and teams across the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, La Liga, Serie A, French Ligue 1, MMA, tennis, golf, and car racing have made NuCalm an integral part of their overall training and conditioning regimens, as have many Olympic athletes. Coaches, trainers, and athletes all consistently report that regular use of NuCalm improves performance, helps athletes enhance their “mental edge,” and also significantly aids in their recovery. Despite such acclaim, however, when told of all the benefits NuCalm has proven to provide, many people still respond with skepticism, given the hype that surrounds so many high-tech physical performance aids these days.

As Mike Gapski, Head Trainer of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks stated, “The crucial part of this game [professional hockey] is recovery. NuCalm played an important role for us, especially during the playoffs”, when the Blackhawks won two Stanley Cup championships in three years.

One such former skeptic is David Walters, DO, PhD. As both a physician and athlete he most definitely “walks his talk.” In his early 60s, Dr. Walters’ body fat percentage is less than six percent, which is something even few professional athletes can claim, and he has the physique to match it.

For over 20 years, he has dedicated himself to achieving what he calls ultimate wellness, which he defines as “the highest degree of the state of being healthy through deliberate effort.” In his journey to achieving and maintaining such a high degree of physical fitness, Dr. Walters religiously tracks his overall health status through the use of both medical tests and data monitoring devices. One such device is the OmegaWave, a system developed by Russian scientists to effectively and accurately track, measure, and assess how functionally ready athletes are to engage in physical training and competition. In addition, OmegaWave is able to help better identify the most optimal types of training athletes require on a shifting, ongoing basis, as well as the level of intensity they should train at, in order to enhance their performance and limit injuries.

A Healthy Dose of Skepticism & Critique

Dr. Walters first learned about NuCalm by reading the book Head In The Game: The Mental Engineering of the World’s Greatest Athletes by Brandon Sneed. “I read that book a couple of times and Sneed was just raving about NuCalm, so I thought it would be worth a try,” Dr. Walters says.

“Although, when I saw the price of it, it gave me pause. I was already using Halo Sport by that time and had fantastic results with it. But since the pros were using NuCalm, I decided to buy it; high-level athletes and their coaches don’t typically waste money on things that don’t work, and that was a pretty strong selling point for me, too. Once I got it, I didn’t really have any expectations of wonderful things happening. I just wanted to see if it would help improve my recovery.”

To his surprise, Dr. Walters experienced positive effects from NuCalm after his very first session using it. “And within one or two weeks after using it I noticed that I was requiring less sleep and still waking up feeling refreshed,” he says. “It was then that I started comparing my recovery using the OmegaWave system. It monitors both my central nervous system and my cardiovascular system, and I put more stock in that rather than just how I feel. I have a background as a researcher so I am data-biased. I had data on OmegaWave for four or five months prior to using NuCalm, so I already had a good baseline established, and it showed that, with NuCalm, my recovery went up dramatically even though I was getting up earlier.”

“Then I decided to start playing around with it by doing workouts every day. Usually, my normal routine prior to NuCalm was three to four days of CrossFit workouts, one session a day, and then I would take a day off to get full recovery; then another three to four days of workouts followed by another day of recovery. I would determine what day I would take off based on OmegaWave. Once I started using NuCalm I went to the absolute best level of recovery you can get on OmegaWave; I went day after day and it never dropped from the top level, so I decided to just keep going and not take any rest days. I went two full weeks like that, and my level never dropped during that entire time.”

“Once I started using NuCalm I went to the absolute best level you can get on OmegaWave, and I went day after day and it never dropped down out of the top level, so I decided to just keep going and not take any rest days. I went two full weeks like that and my level never dropped during that entire time.”

Using Data to Verify the Power of NuCalm

One of the key ways OmegaWave provides and interprets all of this data is through its software system, which, by using a cardiac monitor worn as a chest strap, measures and assesses an athlete’s EKG (electrocardiogram) readings. In addition, OmegaWave measures and assesses the EEG (electroencephalogram) brain waves through a wearable probe attached to the forehead. The system then compares both readings to determine one’s current level of physical fitness. Accurate heart rate variability, neuromuscular status, and one’s reaction time rate are also measured by OmegaWave. Dr. Walters quickly went from NuCalm skeptic to NuCalm power user once he noticed the significant change in his OmegaWave readings.

Dr. Walters provided a few screenshots from his OmegaWave app readings prior to purchasing NuCalm (more on the next page). These were the days when he would normally rest because OmegaWave showed that he was not fully recovered and not ready to train at full strength.

Here’s how OmegaWave explains their Windows of Trainability:

What physical qualities is your body prepared to train each day? At a glance, Omegawave provides a visual picture of your body’s capacity to train in four principal categories: endurance, speed & power, strength, and coordination & skill. Wide green “Windows” indicate an ability to positively adapt to hard training in that associated quality. Smaller yellow or diminished red windows are signals to consider modifying training volumes or intensities— you can still train and perform at a high level when readings are in the red, but that performance may come at a greater physiological cost.

“I think part of the reason I had the injuries and their recurrence is because I just wasn’t able to recover as I am able to now,” he says. “I continue to rehab my shoulders and since NuCalm I’ve never seen the high level of healing that’s taken place in them before.”

Experimenting for Better Recovery & Gains

Driven to continue experimenting with NuCalm, Dr. Walters then decided to take things even further. “When I saw that I was still getting up earlier and, that I could do two weeks of CrossFit training without a break, and without any recovery issues whatsoever, I decided to start doing two workouts a day,” he says. “And that’s when I started getting up at 4 AM. My normal routine was to get up at 7 AM, although I was already getting up earlier than that because of NuCalm.”

Now able to optimally function on three hours less sleep and a training twice a day, Dr. Walters was “still getting solid recovery” because of his daily NuCalm use. So, he continued to experiment on himself.

“Next I went back to working out three to four days in a row, similar to my old pattern, and then three to four hard days with two-a-days. I even added swimming to a three-a-day workout, and that’s when I finally got my recovery level to drop down out of the top recovery range. Then, I would take a rest day, and it would go right back up to the top level on OmegaWave. And, my pattern ever since then is to do two workouts every day, with a rest day about every fourth day. And that rest day sometimes consists of just doing one workout that day instead of two. Because of NuCalm my recovery is phenomenal – I can’t say enough about that.”

As an added bonus, Dr. Walters also credits recent improvement in shoulder movement to NuCalm. During his performance in the 2014 CrossFit Games in which he won the deadlift competition for his age group, and placed second in another event, Dr. Walters injured his shoulders. He has had recurring shoulder injuries since then. “My shoulders are better than they’ve been in five years. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising considering how NuCalm works. I’m stronger and fitter today than I’ve been in all my years of CrossFit, which I started in 2011.”

Typical rest day readings prior to purchasing NuCalm.
OmegaWave shows a reduce Window of Trainability.

Window of Trainability since adding daily NuCalm sessions.

Adding Hours to Your Day?

Having gained an additional three waking hours each day because of NuCalm, Dr. Walters is putting them to good use.

“One of the biggest impacts NuCalm has made for me is that, as a result of my improved recovery, I now have the ability to put in more hours of training that I couldn’t do before. When I wake up, I do a NuCalm session first thing in the morning, usually 30 minutes, sometimes 15. I then do another session right after I work out. So, part of the three extra hours I’ve gained, about an hour total, is dedicated to NuCalm use. That still gives me two extra hours each day, of which one hour to 90 minutes I dedicate to training. I’ve just started a new training program and I have no doubt that I’m going to be stronger than I’ve ever been once the next CrossFit Open comes around. A lot of that is because of the greater recovery, the need for less sleep, and the higher quality sleep I am getting which OmegaWave quantitatively confirms, NuCalm is providing me with.”

To fully appreciate the gains Dr. Walters has made by using NuCalm a closer look at the OmegaWave system is necessary. According to him, the system assesses heart rate variability in seven different ways. “It definitely has more science behind it in that regard than anything else I’ve seen,” he says. “It also assesses the ability of your nervous system to be able to do the exercises you have planned for the next day, looking at four exercise categories: endurance, speed & power, strength, and coordination & skill. It then provides me with a separate assessment for each of these four categories, including where I am within the different levels for each of them. If you’re in either the top or second tier level, then you’re good to go work out, but if you’re in a lower level, especially the bottom tier, then you should not be doing any exercise in that category.

Prior to NuCalm, I almost never was in the very top level for all four categories. It was such a rare thing. Unless I took a couple of days off in a row it just didn’t happen. Now, with NuCalm, I can’t get out of the top levels. I am recovering so well that my body isn’t being stressed enough to put me in the lower levels even though I have increased the amount of training I’m doing.” Dr. Walters emphasizes that the gains he is getting from NuCalm are due to how frequently he uses it. “I think the reason NuCalm has been so successful for me is because I use the hell out of it–a minimum of twice a day and sometimes as much as four times a day. It’s also the last thing I do before I got to bed, usually for 50 minutes.”

Better Sleep, Less Sleep

“I think why NuCalm has been so successful for me is because I use the hell out of it.”
Prior to NuCalm, Dr. Walters required at least nine hours of sleep each night and was still not having full recovery from the CrossFit and weight training he did. “I was spending nine hours in bed and that was just awful,” he says. And even with all of that sleep, he adds, “It took me almost two months using OmegaWave before I finally hit the top levels. I hit the very top levels the day I started using NuCalm. Before that, no matter what I did, in one of the exercise categories that OmegaWave measures, no matter how much sleep I got or recovery days I took, I couldn’t get out of the bottom level.”

Based on his experience, Dr. Walters is sharing NuCalm with his patients. “With my patients I mostly focus on NuCalm’s benefits for sleep and stress,” he says. “My patient base is basically people who are well. They’re just wanting to feel better, but they’re not ill per se. But when I ask them, at least nine out of ten say they have sleep issues. So, I tell them about NuCalm and share my sleep experience since I’ve started using it. Typically, the reason they are experiencing sleep issues comes back to stress. Some of my patients are buying NuCalm for themselves without trying it first because reducing stress and getting better sleep is the number one issue for them.”

In conclusion, Dr. Walters recommends that anyone wanting to reduce stress, achieve higher quality sleep, improve their overall health, and increase their physical performance and recovery in the same ways that he has, should consider buying a NuCalm system so that they can use it every day. “I’m very honest and upfront with my patients,” he says. “I tell them how much I love NuCalm and that I want them to come in and try it. And when they ask me how many times they need to use it, I tell them that if they want the absolute best results they can get from NuCalm, they need to be using it every day.”

Who is Dr. David Walters?

Dr. David Walters is an iconoclast. He is a rugged individualist and bold thinker who doesn’t give a damn about what tradition calls for. He is a seeker of truth.

Dr. Walters earned a PhD in reproductive endocrinology and went on to become an expert in the study of ovarian oxytocin. Why is this significant? Prior to Dr. Walters’ research findings, oxytocin was classified as a brain peptide that was believed to be only produced by the hypothalamus, an endocrine organ located at the base of the brain. Proof that this so-called brain hormone was also produced by the ovary went against everything taught in medical schools and academic institutions.

A strong desire to help people improve their lives drove Dr. Walters to leave academic research and obtain an MBA. He then took over management of a small, rural hospital that was on the brink of failure. In four years he restored financial stability to the hospital and made it profitable again. Dr. Walters was so inspired by how much good a single physician could do in a rural hospital that he stepped down as CEO and enrolled in medical school at forty years of age.

He, along with his wife and 10 children—ranging in age from 16 years to 3-weeks old—moved to Des Moines, Iowa. Dr. Walters spent the next seven years completing his medical degree (DO) and a Family Practice residency program. He and his large family then moved to southern Colorado where he began his medical career.

Over the course of the past 17 years Dr. Walters’ medical practice has evolved into a clinic that specializes in restoration of hormone imbalances in male and female patients of all ages. Over the past year he has incorporated NuCalm into his practice to assist in the restoration of the autonomic nervous system thereby reducing cortisol levels, reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep in his patients.

Dr. Walters has always utilized exercise as part of his medical practice and in his personal life to assist in the optimization of health. However, seven years ago he discovered a relatively new form of exercise called CrossFit. He was so impressed with the results that he built his own CrossFit gym and began competing on a world level. He has qualified and competed in the CrossFit Games in 2014 and 2016 in the 60+ age division. One of his patients who joined his gym went on to win the 2015 CrossFit Games in the 60+ year old female age division. Dr. Walters has been using NuCalm over the past year as he prepares to go through the qualification process—at 64 years of age–for the 2018 CrossFit Games.