NuCalm is an important step in helping people get the dental care they need. It marks the advent of “relaxation dentistry,” where people can go to the dentist and come out rested and invigorated, even if they otherwise have dental anxiety.

But what is relaxation, and how does it work?

The Opposite of Stress

People talk about stress a lot, partly because we all lead busy lives, and there are many things that cause us stress (such as going to the dentist), and we’re all familiar with the body’s stress response.

When we become stressed, our body triggers particular actions in what is known as the sympathetic nervous system. These are nerves that control your body’s functions, such as your lung, your heart, your stomach, and other internal organs. In response to a stressful stimulus, your body uses the sympathetic nervous system to configure your body to respond to stress. Your breathing rate increases. Your heart pumps faster. Blood supply and other resources are reallocated from your digestive system, and you’re discouraged from eating, which can make you nauseous and may strengthen your gag reflex.

But in a relaxation response, your body takes resources from active components of your body, such as the heart and lungs, setting them to a maintenance level, then allocates resources to your body’s more restorative functions, allowing for both bodily and psychological healing. The body is able to tap its natural resources, so that, instead of expending energy, your body is able to increase its energy.

How NuCalm Accesses the Relaxation Response

The problem with a dental visit is that almost everything about it triggers stress. From the bright light to the closeness of the doctor to your exposed position, to putting things in your mouth, almost everything about a dental visit can trigger stress.

But NuCalm helps you get around that by tapping into the body’s relaxation response. Much of NuCalm is intended to prepare your for relaxation. The GABA supplement or cream gives your brain the relaxation hormones it needs to relax. The CES allows your body to internalize the GABA. The eye mask blocks out light that triggers stress.

But perhaps the essential coordinator is the neuroacoustic software, which helps put your brain in a relaxation mode. The neuroacoustic software is what helps your brain get to the right frequency to relax, which is why the NuCalm experience essentially lasts from when we put the headphones on until when we remove them. It’s similar to using a chant or specific visualization that helps your brain get into a meditative state, but instead of taking the hours and hours it takes to learn meditation, NuCalm can get you there now, even if you’re not normally able to meditate on your own.

If you are interested in having a relaxing experience at the dentist, please contact a local NuCalm dentist today for an appointment.