With the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea, the world is turning its eyes to watch its most elite athletes compete to bring home the honor and glory of being the best in the world.

But what allows olympians to perform at such high levels? There are many potential contributing factors that can lead someone to perform at their highest levels. Is it genes? Is it training? Is it the will to win? Researchers have looked at these questions, and they have concluded that all these factors contribute, but on competition day, it’s probably the mental focus that gives people the final edge to win.

And having superb focus is one of the potential benefits of using NuCalm during training and before competition.

Genes Separate the Elite from the Average

Researchers looking at the question of what sets Olympic athletes apart from the rest of us have concluded that genes provide many people with the prerequisites to become great athletes.

In order to compete at the highest level requires some very specific modifications of the body, including changes to the heart, muscles, and bones. Many of these changes may develop over time as a result of training, but it’s genes that determine whether people are capable of achieving the required level.

Some of the modifications people’s bodies go through include changing the proportion of muscles in the body, altering the bone density, alterations in the size or proportions of the heart, and differences in the size and efficiency of the lungs. All of these potentials have to be there in the genes.

Training Brings the Elite Together

But genes can’t express themselves to their fullest without proper stimulation. That’s where training comes in. Scientific training methods have been developed to help people develop to their full potential.

Scientists believe that there are few real secrets in training these days. For the most part, people follow the scientific principles that have been proven to work, and that can bring out the best in athletes.

The Mind Gives the Edge

But these characteristics don’t tell us what really separates winners and losers on the day of competition. Although there are some genetic differences that can separate olympians from the rest of us, they don’t usually separate the athletes from one another. It is rare for us to see an athlete who is really significantly stronger or faster than all the others. And with many people following the same or similar training routines, it makes it even more likely that olympians will be of similar performance, so that on any given day, one or the other will win.

And this shows in the narrow margins of victory that separate the medalists from one another or from those in fourth and lower places, sometimes a matter of hundredths of a second. But what determines who will be ahead by those hundredths of a second?

Experts agree that it’s probably the mind that gives individual athletes the edge. Some point to the fact that many olympians had older siblings growing up, which may have made them more eager to compete, and forced them to strive for their potential early on. But it’s also likely related to the dopamine system in the brain, which is a genetic difference that separates olympic athletes from those of a lower calibre. This difference inspires them to strive more for the rewards that come from being a winner.

NuCalm Helps You Perform at Your Highest Level

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