For many people, NuCalm seems like a dream come true, but in truth it’s a very simple and down-to-earth experience.

Preparing for NuCalm

You don’t have to do anything to prepare for your NuCalm experience. There is no medication to take before you go to your dentist’s office. You can eat before going to the office. You can drive yourself to the office.

Setting up NuCalm

When you arrive at your dentist’s office, you will undergo the usual welcome and taking care of any necessary paperwork. Then you will be led back to the exam room or operatory. You will take your seat in the chair. You can take a moment to get comfortable. One thing we recommend is a blanket because when you relax you may feel a little chilly.

First you will be given the relaxing chemicals. You can opt for either the dietary supplements you chew or the cream. If you select the supplements, you will chew them and make sure you hold the dissolved substance in your mouth for at least 90 seconds at a time. This allows more of the nutrients to be absorbed in the mouth, giving them a more direct path to the brain. If you opt for the cream, it will be applied to your neck, over the carotid artery. The nutrients will be absorbed into the blood and carried directly to the brain.

Next, the electrodes for the cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device are attached to your head, directly behind your ears. When these are turned on, you may feel a slight tingle, but the current is so slight, you may not feel anything at all.

Next, your dentist or assistant will put the eye mask on you, but won’t pull it down yet.

You have a choice of several different types of music that can be used to deliver the neuroacoustic software. They all work, and in truth you won’t be aware of the music for long.

Once the headphones are on, you will pull your mask down and enter the NuCalm experience.

What NuCalm Feels Like

Once the neuroacoustic software begins working, you will quickly descend into a relaxed state. It feels like the moment just before you fall asleep, when your brain is completely free of your body.

Let’s be clear: this isn’t the experience of being in bed, but being unable to fall asleep. This is the moment when you are actually on the verge of sleep, when you’ve made it, and you’re just about to descend into sleep. For people who practice meditation, you may recognize the state as being similar to when you achieve a truly deep meditative state. You feel weightless. You lose sense of time.

Some people will fall asleep if they are particularly exhausted, but NuCalm is designed to help you stay at the edge of sleep. Your brain will be conscious and it will wander wherever it will. Many people experience creative thoughts and solutions to problems.

Other people may simply “lose time” under NuCalm and not feel anything at all.

After NuCalm

Once your procedure is finished, we will remove your headphones and you will come back to alertness. The return to alertness is about as rapid as the descent into restfulness. You will likely be surprised at how much time has passed because you tend to lose your sense of time under NuCalm.

You will feel much less stress than usual, and likely less stress than you’ve ever felt in a dentist’s office before. You may feel rested and energized. You may have creative thoughts and ideas. Your mood will likely be better than it’s been in a while.

Unlike taking a nap during the day, you won’t have trouble sleeping at night. You’ll probably fall asleep faster and easier than usual, and you may have better quality sleep, too.

These positive side effects of NuCalm may persist for several days after treatment.

If you want to experience NuCalm for yourself, please contact a local NuCalm dentist today.