Why Dentists Have Embraced NuCalm

One of the most remarkable parts of the NuCalm story is that dentists around the country have been eagerly embracing NuCalm in their dental practices. This has helped spread the technology around the country and helped us achieve over half a million NuCalm procedures performed.

But why have dentists been so eager to add NuCalm to their practices?

Dental Anxiety Is Common

Look, dentists know that most people don’t like to come to the dentist. In fact, nearly all dental patients have some level of anxiety associated with their visit. And a significant number of them have anxiety so severe that they avoid regular dental visits. Since prevention is such a large part of successful dental care, this worries dentists and encourages them to seek ways to help their patients come in more regularly.

Although dentists have managed the problem more or less successfully with sedation dentistry, it’s not an optimal solution. It doesn’t address the core issue of people not feeling comfortable at the dentist, which is something NuCalm can achieve.

A Move Toward a Spa-Like Culture

In fact, dentists have long been trying to develop their own approach to creating a relaxing environment in their offices. These days, practically every dentist seeks to create what they describe as a spa-like environment in their offices. This has been done through changing the decor, adding amenities, and even offering spa treatments.

But a key element has been missing: many patients still aren’t able to relax at the dentist. No matter what extras dentists add, it’s still a dental office. That’s why NuCalm is great for dentists: it adds the relaxation element, even for patients with a high level of dental anxiety.

Dentists Embrace Technology

Another key part of the culture of dentists is that they tend to embrace new technologies. Especially in recent years, they have been eager to adopt technologies that have significantly improved the experience of their patients, such as digital impressions, CAD/CAM restorations, CT scans, dental implants, and more.

So it’s natural that when a technology like NuCalm came around and could offer patients such a significant improvement in their experience, that dentists would adopt it readily.

If you’re looking to experience this amazing new approach to relaxation at the dental office, please contact a local NuCalm dentist today.