Dental anxiety is a common problem in the US. About 80% of Americans experience some degree of dental anxiety, from just tensing up in the chair to actually avoiding dental visits. Even with relatively mild anxiety, dental visits can become a very unpleasant experience.

To try to help people have a more pleasant experience, many dentists have focused on trying to create a spa-like environment, offering amenities like hot towels and free beverages in the lobby. One of the most common amenities is music that people can listen to while getting treatment.

Although music has been shown to help calm people during treatment, NuCalm offers a much better experience–and gives a greater reduction in anxiety.

Why NuCalm Is Better Than Just Music for Anxiety

Engineered for Relaxation

Music is written for many reasons, but it’s rarely written just to relax us. Instead, it’s often designed to interest, provoke, and engage us. The relaxation effect is simply a byproduct. And even if music is intended to relax us, the approach is haphazard, driven by the processes of music and not by the science of relaxation.

But with NuCalm, the music is explicitly designed for relaxation. Over the years spent developing NuCalm 2.0, an incredible amount of energy and design went into creating a sound experience that seamlessly supported relaxation. With the help of leading producers like Dan Selene working from the latest neuroscience principles, the result is a musical experience that achieves far greater relaxation than regular music.

Utilizing the Frequency Following Response

One of the ways that NuCalm guarantees it will be more relaxing than regular music is that it is engineered to trigger the body’s frequency following response (FFR). The FFR encourages your brain to achieve a certain brainwave frequency. With NuCalm, we ensure that frequency is within the relaxed range of alpha and theta waves.

Quality Equipment

One problem with listening to music is that it’s often not enough to block out the anxiety-inducing sounds of the normal dental environment. When these sounds intrude on your brain, it breaks the mood, not just creating anxiety as before, but potentially amplifying it. Once you hear the sounds of the dental office, it’s hard not to focus on them, and the presence of music becomes just another nuisance.

But with NuCalm, premium headsets help keep the sounds from intruding. From the sculpted ear cushions to the noise-cancelling effects, the headphones help ensure that you hear the music you’re supposed to hear–not the drills or other sounds in the dental office.

Enhancing the Experience

But even if sounds were able to intrude on your sonic environment, odds are you wouldn’t even hear it. That’s because you’ll be immersed in the NuCalm experience.

NuCalm is about more than just music. It includes three other technologies that synergize with the audio experience to create true relaxation. The use of the body’s natural relaxation hormone, a proven anti-anxiety technology, and the light-blocking eye mask creates a multimodal experience that can diffuse your body’s anxiety response.

Normal music can’t do that. It may relax you, but only to a small degree, and won’t trigger these other key mechanisms that can give you greater relaxation.

Relax at the Dentist

It seems like an impossible feat: being able to to relax at the dentist’s office without drugs. But it’s true. NuCalm can defuse your body’s natural anxiety response to help you feel more comfortable during your dental visit.

To learn how NuCalm can help you relax, please contact a local NuCalm dentist today.