NuCalm is the only technology that’s been patented to help control or regulate the autonomic nervous system. Mostly, we focus on the autonomic nervous system’s role in triggering the “fight or flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system, but there are actually many other things that the autonomic nervous system does, which may be impacted by NuCalm’s ability to suppress the sympathetic nervous system’s response.


As we hinted above, sweat is one of the things that the autonomic nervous system controls. It’s an important part of the sympathetic nervous system. When your body is preparing for intense muscle action, it knows it will have to shed some heat from those muscles, which is why you can break out in a cold sweat as a result of fear or stress. And if you get sweaty palms, yeah, that’s part of your sympathetic response, too.

So if you tend to have excessive sweating, you might note that you sweat less when you’re using NuCalm.


When your sympathetic nervous system triggers, it steals resources from body systems that won’t be involved in your response to the stressful trigger. This includes your digestive system. When you’re perpetually stressed or have a prolonged stressful experience, you may experience loss of appetite or digestive difficulties.

NuCalm should help you experience a healthy appetite and proper digestion during the day of your dental visit.

Light Sensitivity

When your stress response triggers, it expands your pupils to let in more light, which can make the dentist’s office seem unpleasantly bright, especially when you consider that the dentist is using extra bright lights to help look at your teeth, and this is part of the reason why we include a light blocking mask as part of NuCalm.

But suppressing the sympathetic nervous system should reduce pupil dilation, so you won’t be especially affected by the bright light even after you take off the mask.

Wrinkled Fingers

Did you know that it’s not just a reaction between your skin and water that makes your fingers pucker? It’s actually part of your body’s autonomic nervous response that triggers your fingers to wrinkle in response to water. This may be related to the sympathetic nervous response, since it’s intended to help us grip and operate in wet conditions, so it’s possible that NuCalm could impact this response. However, we don’t know which division of the autonomic nervous system controls this response, so it’s possible it wouldn’t be affected.

Will NuCalm Impact Me This Way?

Actually, we’re not entirely sure how NuCalm will impact all these different elements of the autonomic nervous system. We haven’t tested these different responses, so we can’t tell you what to expect your response to be. What we do know is that because NuCalm works through natural mechanisms, the magnitude of the response won’t exceed what you could potentially do on your own through biofeedback, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques — it’s just faster and more reliable, and works for people who can’t consciously access these states.

Want to learn more about how NuCalm will help you feel better during a dental visit? Please contact a local NuCalm dentist today.