For many American workers, about 60% of paid holidays fall from the end of November to the beginning of January. But even with that (relatively) high concentration of time off, it’s not enough. That’s because there is so much going on at this time of year that most of us find we have less time to ourselves. Practically every holiday is spoken for, and most of the time there’re other activities that we have to find time for: endless cooking, cleaning for company, shopping for presents, attending business parties, and the list goes on and on!

It makes you want to take a vacation from your holidays! Unfortunately, there’s no time for that. Until now. With NuCalm, you now have the ability to set aside just a short period of your day, perhaps 20-30 minutes, and get the rest and relaxation you desire from a vacation.

Your 20-Minute Vacation

Stress Relief

Thanks to NuCalm, stress is a choice. NuCalm gives you the power to stop your stress on demand. Just turn on your NuCalm, and the scientifically formulated combination of the neuroacoustic software, the cranial electrical stimulation and amino acid supplemental cream allows you to gain control of your body’s stress system and to enter a bodily state of relaxation and restoration.

And, not to dish on vacations too much, but NuCalm is actually better than a vacation in many ways. People say they go on vacation to escape stress, but vacations can still be stressful with coordinating all the travel and activity-packed days. The vacation’s benefit can be dubious. But with NuCalm, the benefit is clear: turn NuCalm on and turn stress off.

Catch Up on Sleep

For many people, catching up on sleep is one of the main reasons for a vacation. In fact, some people use their vacation days just for that! And if there’s any time of year when you need more sleep, it’s now. Whether you’re getting up early with kids on Christmas morning or staying up late with friends on New Year’s Eve, your sleep is besieged on all sides. There’s just no time for it.

But with NuCalm, you can make time. NuCalm can give you the restorative benefits of two hours’ sleep in just 20 minutes! Think of how much more energetic you’d feel with two more hours of sleep.

Clear Your Mind

Another perk of vacationing is that it gives you distance from the problems at work. This distance not only removes the stress associated with them, but gives you perspective on them. It helps you separate the important problems from the trivial ones and put past issues behind you to focus on future challenges.

This is one of the amazing things about NuCalm. It doesn’t just put you in sleep mode, it truly restarts your brain’s natural systems. You can clear all your caches and begin with a fresh take on each day. It’s like deep meditation, but you don’t have to spend years learning to achieve it: you can turn it on and simply enjoy the benefits.

Think what a 20-Minute Vacation Could Do for You

If you are like most of us, you probably feel like there are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, or weeks in the year to meet all of your demands on you while still taking proper care of yourself and your loved ones. NuCalm is the solution to this problem, letting you fit a little vacation into each and every day.